What To Eat Before A Workout?

Almost everyone starts a new day with an empty stomach. This is completely wrong.

Nowadays, women tend to take more care for workout because of having a healthy life. Workout gradually becomes a method to help control the weight, fight against diseases, relieve stress, provide good sleep and energy as well as be useful for sex life. Continue reading “What To Eat Before A Workout?”

Exercise walking is still Americans’ favorite sports/fitness activity

Exercise walking is still Americans’ favorite sports/fitness activity

Exercise walking is still Americans' favorite sports

The number of Americans who walk for exercise grew 1.5% in 2005 to 86.0 million. It remains the most popular sports/fitness activity for Americans age seven or older, a position it has held since 1990, according to the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA).

Swimming, with 58.0 million participants, regained the number-two spot, which it hadn’t held since 2002. Camping, which had replaced swimming as the second-most popular activity in 2002, dropped to fourth place in 2005, with 46.0 million participants (-16.8%). Exercising with equipment was in third place in 2005, with 54.2 million participants (+4.0%).

Participation in most fitness activities grew in 2005. Weightlifting grew fastest, up 35.4% to 35.5 million participants. Five of the 14 most popular activities are classified as fitness-related, and exercise walking is poised to become the first 100-million-participant activity within the next few years, according to the NSGA.

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Be sure exercise is all you get at the gym

Be sure exercise is all you get at the gym


When you go to the gym, do you wash your hands before and after using the equipment? Bring your own regularly cleaned mat for floor exercises? Shower with antibacterial soap and put on clean clothes immediately after your workout? Use only your own towels, razors, bar soap, water bottles?

If you answered ”no” to any of the above, you could wind up with one of the many skin infections that can spread like wildfire in athletic settings. In June, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, known as N.A.T.A., issued a position paper on the causes, prevention and treatment of skin diseasesin athletes that could just as well apply to anyone who works out in a communal setting, be it a school, commercial gym or Y.

The authors pointed out that ”skin infections in athletes are extremely common” and account for more than half the outbreaks of infectious diseases that occur among participants in competitivesports. And if you think skin problems are minor, consider what happened to Kyle Frey, a 21-year-old junior and competitive wrestler at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

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No time to exercise?

Don’t have exercise equipment?

Hate the gym?

No more excuses!

Exercising at home, using your body to create resistance in what is called body-weight exercise, is a great way to get you moving.

If you work out regularly, supplementing body-weight exercises is handy for days when time is an issue. And if you are not, it will help to build stamina and introduce movement into a sedentary lifestyle.

“The best thing we can do is to get up out of our seats and move,” says Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise.

“It doesn’t have to be very strenuous, nor does it have to be complicated; we just have to move.”

Exercising at home


10 gyms with the most amazing views

10 gyms with the most amazing views

(CNNGo) — At these panoramic fitness centers there’s no excuse to hang onto that post-festivity bulge

Basement fitness centers be damned. There are some places around the world that make your intentions to lace up the runners and don the spandex a whole lot more inviting.

10 gyms with the most amazing views

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Enjoy the benefits of green tea and exercise

Enjoy the benefits of green tea and exercise

March 16–Editor’s note: Week nine of reporter Judy Kroeger’s Highlands Health Challenge.

The Highlands Health Challenge officially ends with a final weigh-in on March 29, but with two weeks to go, I’m feeling better and get to tackle two favorite topics: my favorite drink and how to avoidexercise.

Although St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally observed in the United States with vast quantities of green beer, my favorite green beverage is green tea.

Enjoy the benefits of green tea and exercise

I love tea and drink it with no sweeteners nor milk, probably from early imprinting when we lived in Japan when I was young and my dad was in the Army. Continue reading “Enjoy the benefits of green tea and exercise”

Exercising while bringing up baby: Moms stay fit before and after birth

Pregnancy used to mean confinement. Women were instructed to get off their feet, do no heavy lifting and avoid exercise.

That thinking has changed. A lot.

Women have become exercise enthusiasts in general over the past two decades, so why should that stop during pregnancy and postpartum? Look around any gym, jogging trail or swimming pool, and it’s apparent it hasn’t.

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Home gyms are no sweat

A HOME gym is possibly the only luxury that is good for you. You can work out regularly, at any time, without leaving the house.

You will save time, gain motivation and never be intimidated by a gym full of strangers. And there are savings: for the cost of a year’s gym membership you can buy a piece of equipment that will last decades, and everyone in the house can use it. The problem is that gym equipment can be so bulky that you need to devote a spare room to it. But buy wisely and a corner of a room is all you will need.

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Exercise sense when buying fitness gear

About three-fourths of all consumers who buy expensive pieces of home exercise equipment end up abandoning their fitness programs. Before investing in what might quickly become a strange-looking piece of furniture in your living room or spare bedroom, consider these tips:
( You can to find the best maxi climber)

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The Importance of Fitness Equipment

Fitness as a form of new competition, in order to meet the needs of those with a beautiful body without the need to follow the steps of fitness (body building). Fitness emphasis on the aesthetic beauty of the body and the allure of the muscles. On the market, there are many gyms outfitted with the equipment to the fitness workout. Each type of device has different uses for each part of the body. If you want to know the type of equipment needed for your body, consult this article, will definitely be useful for you ( or if you have more free time, you can to find the best knee sleeves)

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